What to do when your website is “famous”

Whenever someone begins a website, they cannot accurately depict its future. Sometimes some people might think their startups are going to get huge success but that fails to be the case. This is a very common online occurrence, but a rarer one, is a situation in which a website becomes “famous”.

Now firstly we must get into this term, what does it mean for a website to become famous? Well:

– Loads of Traffic
– A lot of activity in the forum/usergroup of the website
– MANY organic links
– A lot of sign ups
– References to your website from prominent sources.

Most of the people are ready to accept the fact and are prepared for it that their website didn’t work, since it is so common. But what happens when a website becomes famous? Nobody is dead sure a website will become famous, but what when it does? There are many things famous website owners goof up, lets look into that first:

Put their personal details on the website
Unless your personal details are already there, there is no need of disclosing them to the public in that way. It invites a lot of negative attention towards you from jealous people.

Revamp Websites
Sometimes, when someone’s website becomes famous, they start thinking that their current website and content is not up to the mark of being entitled to so much traffic, and they start revamping their website, changing their content, begin to address themselves in their articles. But what they don’t think is, the traffic came because the originality was there.

Go OFF topic
A lot of times, several website owners whose websites became famous, go off topic. Which means that they stop talking about the issues addressing which the website became popular, and instead start addressing the crowd to their activities, their interests, where they go, whatever they do. But website owners don’t understand that the crowd is there in the first place because they wanted to read CONTENT related to the subject of the website, not about your life! (Sorry if this offends someone, but its the truth)

Sell the website
SEVERAL people I know have done this, their website became popular and on that spurge of time, they put it up for auction. This might be a very regular practice amongst newly-famous website owners, but is certainly not what one should do.

Now, the things mentioned above never do any good, people sometimes want to become rich from their newfound glory, or famous, but if you don’t do it right then you might just find yourself in more problems instead of peace. However, here are a few things a lot of website owners miss out on when their website becomes famous and a high-traffic one, and reasons as to why you should take up these measures as soon as your website can be classified as famous:

Get better servers
Because your website is now famous and growing in traffic, you might as well get better servers (if you haven’t already). Resellers etc. don’t often give much CPU usage and if your website processes scripts (like registrations even) then you should upgrade.

Increase updates!
The most important important thing, INCREASE updates as soon as traffic goes up, because if you keep updating the traffic on the website at a fast pace, the traffic will increase as well seeing as they could get so much from the website. This is a tiring job, but gather yourself up and do it for the website and the visitors!

Appoint Moderators
If you haven’t appointed helpers for your website from the website’s user community itself till now, do it. If someone is underperforming in their moderation duties or not performing at all, reduce them to a rank thats above the member and below the moderator. Something like “Respected Member”. Then appoint someone else in that place, remember, law and order goes first!

Organize Meet ups (If possible)
Organize meetings with your members if that is possible. If there is a place where lots of your regular traffic comes from, ask the people in that region to meet up on a specific date, then take pictures and put them on your website. Really helps your website gain credibility. The kind of meeting you want depends on the niche of your website, if it is a website that has to do with some serious issue, then you could organize a paid seminar etc. If its a website on a casual subject, just do a little meetup like you’d do with your friends, give away some shirts with your site’s URL, it all depends on you. Bit one thing’s for sure, Interaction with your members is what really makes you someone they could look up to (or at least respect enough to keep coming to your website)

Contact the appropriate news authorities and media
This is what many people miss out on, write out letters (real ones) to your local press/AP etc. telling them about your website.

Make sure it doesn’t read like an advertisement, more of something like why is the website is famous, why people visit it, whats so unique about it, what discussions occur, how does the website influence the society, related websites (important so they don’t think its an ad). Sooner or later you’ll be in the news, even if its just a snippet. Also try to contact your local radio stations, who knows you might get called in for an interview if your website is that spectacular.

Get new Advertisers
This is very important, automated advertising might be paying you decent, but when a website gets famous, it is about time you start asking for bids on advertising on your website (banners, links etc.) you know, most of the people do not buy advertising for PR, but for traffic, everything in the world is ultimately for traffic, and if a website has great traffic, advertisers would rush to it. You don’t even need to remove your previous PPC if you think its good, but getting new advertisers/sponsors definitely opens the gates for more money.

These are just some tips (apart from the common ones) that people with high traffic, famous websites miss out on, and if applied, could land the website into better heights and lot more glory, both online and offline.


A word on Vista.

Ever since Microsoft’s Vista was announced I was not too excited about it. I could not understand what all the hype was about even after seeing all their promised great features. Today that Vista is available for purchase and everything about the new OS is known; I’m not only not excited about it, but definitely know that I won’t buy it.

Microsoft Vista seems to have gotten it’s name right. “Vista” in spanish means “View” which would explain Microsoft’s new OS fully. It is nothing but Windows XP with a few new programs installed and a lot of graphics. Now there may be people out there willing to spend such money on the new OS just for the new graphics, but personally, most of the people I know that use computers in a regular basis tend to keep their desktop as simple as possible. My desktop is just a plain black background. Uhm, who wants a video as background anyway?

Even worse, after seeing all the new “capabilities”, I am forced to conclude that Vista was made for people with little knowledge about computers. The kind of people who come to me asking me to fix their computer because a lot of Spyware has consumed it. People who will get their computer fixed and break it next day because they go to fishy web sites and get a new virus immediatly. Vista is made for these kind of people, since the control Microsoft has over systems with Vista on them is unbeliavable. So if you know how the basics  on keeping your computer safe (updated anti-virus and firewall), i suggest you think about it a lot before deciding to buy Vista. Read the BBC article I’ve linked and you will be convinced. By the way, have I mentioned that all the new capabilities you will pay for in Vista are available for free as programs for XP from different sources?

Don’t buy Vista! XP (or Mac OS) all the way.


Country For Sale?

About a month ago I found out about a “country” which I have never heard of before. The Principality of Sealand, a fort in the middle of the sea which was setup in 1967 by Paddy Roy Bates. Since then this little country whose area is no more than 550 meters squared, has declared a flag, currency and more.

Today this country has been declared for sale. They expect eight figure offers for a country which supposedly offers complete privacy and of course is a tax haven. Now who would want to buy such a country? Ah but of course, all the Hollywood celebrities which are trying to get away from all the papparazies, however, does any of them have such money? Anyway, they should just put it on eBay and it will sell, everything sells on eBay. Ha!!


Originality Works Everywhere

“What is the best idea to make money?” I stumble upon this question all the time. It’s all over webmaster forums and I assume other kinds of forums as well. People want the easiest way to make money on-line and they think by making countless threads in many different places, they will find someone who will tell them what to do in order to be rich.

Let me tell you a little something I saw two days ago. I was on the NYC subway and some homeless man came in our car. I immediately knew what he wanted, it was money. Rarely anyone would give money to a beggar on the subway. What I’ve seen at most is $1 given at any time, maybe $2 but very rarely. However, this guy was different. Instead of asking money like everyone else does, and telling people that they are going to put it to “honest” use, this guy was original. He asked people to please give him any kind of food, fruits, leftover McDonalds, or whatever else people had on them. He put a little bit of sense of humor in his speech and it worked perfectly. He got an apple, but most importantly about four people gave him money. So this guy made about $4 to $5 from just my subway car. What’s more surprising he came back 5 minutes afterwards, after he went through the other cars; with the few new people in he gave the same speech (still homeless, still hungry) was the only little twist he added, and he got some more money and a slice of pizza ($2.50). So in total this guy made about $10 in 10 minutes, awesome for a homeless man (oh he had a bag on his shoulder with what seemed to be all the food he had collected). Why was he better than the other beggars? Originality.

If you are one of these people that want to make money and go around asking, here is the answer. To make money on-line (or elsewhere), you need to come up with something original, something new, or perhaps something similar to what exists, but better (with a twist). The idea is quite simple, and if you understand the concept you will realize that no one will tell you a good idea, because they can benefit from it themselves. So you are only wasting your time asking, start thinking of what can set you apart from everyone else, and you will succeed. On-line, or elsewhere…


Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Today I came across an article that astonished me. The title was enough to cause the feeling. After all, ever since I was a little kid everyone kept telling me that “practice makes perfect” and today some research is going to try and prove my mentors wrong?

“The nervous system was not designed to do the same thing over and over again,” says Churchland, whose team investigated the way the brain plans and calculates motion. So basically by teaching monkeys to do the same thing over and over and noticing no improvement after 1000 tries, these researchers are trying to say that if you practice hard enough you won’t make it anyway. That you cannot improve after a certain point. I believe this is silly. Thousands of athletes that train everyday can’t be wrong. The more you do something the better you get at it. Of course after a certain point you just cannot see the improvements because they are so slight that they are imperceptible, but they are there. Try it, start programming in PHP everyday, start kicking that football daily, do your kata daily. Film yourself if you need to, you will notice the improvements, no matter how slight they may be, the improvements will be there.

After all, we are not always like monkeys. Mhmm.. research…