Weird News Today…

Today I saw so much weird stuff on-line that I have decided to make a post with some general weird stuff I found, funny stuff. I hope you like it.

Let’s start off by mentioning this 13 year old girl, charged as a sex offender, while being a victim in the same act. It turns out this girl did inappropiate stuff with some younger lad and now they are both in court. Now this is just plain silly, why in the world do you take a 13 and a 12 year old to court? What has this world come to, can’t parents deal with anything nowdays?

What about this news report posted yesterday at BBC. “1200-year-old problem ‘easy’” is perhaps even sillier than the above one (well can’t really compare, they are both plain stupid). This man, who seems to hold a PhD in Computer Science is trying to teach little kids that dividing 0 by 0 is ok, as long as you do it his way by defining the result as nullity. Of course nullity is just a name he made up for what we know as undefined. Wow, this guy is a genius. (notice the sarcasm, please)!!

Here is another one, this place in Portlands Chinatown, is experimenting a street without a sidewalk, traffic sings or lights. Supposedly, according to this article, it makes drivers go more cauteously which makes it safer for pedestrians. Ok now, who is foolish enough to not drive as slow as possible so you don’t accidentaly scratch somebody with the side of your car? Because if you do, you’ll end up at the same place that 13 year old girl is right now. And you will have to respond to charges for giving that person a injury that had to be healed with a band-aid, and a trauma that they will keep for life.

Everyday, there are more and more worthless, silly news. But oh well, at least they are better than reading the police reports in the local newspaper. It’s much more amusing. Right?

General Humor

Electrical Engineering vs Computer Science

Seeing as I am a computer science major I could not help but laugh and share this with you. I managed to find this little story of what would happen if a electrical engineer and a computer scientist ended up in the medieval times, and the king asked them for advice. Here is the link.

If you don’t know much about computer science then you probably won’t understand the story, but the world of computers can get very complicated at times. But i’ll vouch for it and say it gets complicated for good reason, the more complicated the programming of things is, the more user friendly the end product… of course, simple is best sometimes… like in the case of this poor scientist, whose fate I would not wan’t. Enjoy the story!