$100 Dollar Laptops

Remember when the first laptop came out? How much was it? A lot is the quick and simple answer. Sadly in many countries today, the price of a laptop is still as crazy as it was in the US when they first came out, if not more. Recently someone I know flew to the US from a developing country just to buy a laptop, as buying it here plus the plane ticket costs was still cheaper than buying it there. Luckily, for many developing countries this could change soon.

A cheap laptop is being developed in order to be shipped to children in developing countries. The specs on this laptop are still unknown but at least the looks of it aren’t that bad. At $100 this laptop will be much more affordable for all those countries (although probably still a luxury for a lot of those families), so a buy one sponsor one program is also in development. This will let US buyers acquire the cheap laptop for their own kids and sponsor a child in a developing country. For $100 it is a good deal as you very well know you do not want to let your child use your top of the line Toshiba Satellite or SONY Vaio.

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