A word on Vista.

Ever since Microsoft’s Vista was announced I was not too excited about it. I could not understand what all the hype was about even after seeing all their promised great features. Today that Vista is available for purchase and everything about the new OS is known; I’m not only not excited about it, but definitely know that I won’t buy it.

Microsoft Vista seems to have gotten it’s name right. “Vista” in spanish means “View” which would explain Microsoft’s new OS fully. It is nothing but Windows XP with a few new programs installed and a lot of graphics. Now there may be people out there willing to spend such money on the new OS just for the new graphics, but personally, most of the people I know that use computers in a regular basis tend to keep their desktop as simple as possible. My desktop is just a plain black background. Uhm, who wants a video as background anyway?

Even worse, after seeing all the new “capabilities”, I am forced to conclude that Vista was made for people with little knowledge about computers. The kind of people who come to me asking me to fix their computer because a lot of Spyware has consumed it. People who will get their computer fixed and break it next day because they go to fishy web sites and get a new virus immediatly. Vista is made for these kind of people, since the control Microsoft has over systems with Vista on them is unbeliavable. So if you know how the basics  on keeping your computer safe (updated anti-virus and firewall), i suggest you think about it a lot before deciding to buy Vista. Read the BBC article I’ve linked and you will be convinced. By the way, have I mentioned that all the new capabilities you will pay for in Vista are available for free as programs for XP from different sources?

Don’t buy Vista! XP (or Mac OS) all the way.