A New Landmark

I’m not sure how many people have heard of the “Aluna Project” so far, today was the first time for me, and I found it interesting enough to blog about it!

The Aluna Project is kind of the Stonehenge of the future. The Stonehenge is believed to have been used to predict stellar phonemena thanks to Gerald Hawkins’ note of 165 key sites (at the Stonehenge) that align with rising and setting points of the sun and moon. Similarly, Aluna will use the moon and tides in order to create the very first tidal powered Moon Clock. Now the first thing that comes to mind is… Why in the world do we need a clock that is so expensive, after all it is just a clock and we have thousands of them right? Well the answer is simple, every era there is something built, it might be out of necessity, casual, or just to show off, but something new must be born to mark specific points in time. It would be boring if all of our history was presidents, wars, and what not. So why not be innovative and do something cool, that combines our top technology with our natural resources that we still have. I say still have, because, did you know that, the moon is getting further and further away from Earth with each orbit? Yes, this means everyday the moon is slightly further away from our planet. So in the future, not only the moon will be gone, but tides as well, since they are affected by the moon. (okay this might be millions of years away, but it will happen).

Aluna is planned to be situated in the UK and Australia, although the company who is going to build it says it is open for other waterfront locations around the globe. For more information feel free to visit their website at

Also check out this interesting article from The London Paper [PDF]

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