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Quintura Kids

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Quintura offers a different way to search pages, and although I am not a fan or can’t say I am gonna use it in the future, it is pretty cool. The reason I am not going to use it is that i am too used to the Google way. I am sure this is the case with everybody else, once you are used to Google you see no reason to change.

However, a week ago Quintura released a subdomain made just for kids. With results pulled from Yahoo! kids, and any potentially unsafe keywords blocked out, Quintura Kids is a good search engine to teach your kids how to use. I assume that for anyone younger than 11, the cloud way of searching should be fun as well.

So if you have kids, this is the search engine for you. And when I have kids (yeah right), i’ll teach them how to use it too.

Stop Internet Explorer

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Today I’m blogging about a different kind of cool site. I’ve stopped by StopIE and have reminded myself about how important this matter is. If you are still using Internet Explorer, then read up and hopefully you change your mind after this post!

The main reason you should switch today, is that Internet Explorer is prone to viruses. It automatically downloads and installs viruses if you are accessing the wrong kind of site. In firefox you are alerted before something happens, and given a choice whether to continue or not. Of course if you decide to continue, you can only blame yourself.

The reason above is the main reason you should switch, but for webmasters like me there is something that annoys me much more. Internet Explorer renders pages differently than other browsers. So everytime I am designing something I have to make sure it works for both, Internet Explorer and the rest of the browsers. This gets annoying very quickly and it is Internet Explorer that has weak code interpretations, and does not seem to follow today’s standards. Things look uglier in IE too.

There are more reasons, and i recommend you visit the website and read up more. There are many free alternatives to IE, and even though they claim their next release will be better, don’t wait, do yourself and me a favor today.

The Top 50 Gadgets (from the past 50 years).

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

I came accross this article at PC World and found it quite interesting. Interesting enough to blog about it at MapInteresting!

I was quite surprised to see the Walkman beat the IPod to number one, but it makes sense since without the invention of the walkman we would of never gotten to the IPod. Of course, the ipod is second, after all, almost everybody has one right? Among other notable gadgets they list the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo GameBoy, and of course the Motorola Razr.

Some notable absences, at least for me, the NES system. So many people had fun with it before the invention of the Nintendo 64 and Playstation. Something else almost everybody owns today, the Sidekick, I don’t own one but it’s impossible to go out and not see someone without it. Definetly a gadget that should have been listed over the Motorola PageWriter. Feel free to browse the list, its pretty cool.


Monday, November 20th, 2006

So today I was browsing looking for some interesting site and I found . It’s quite cool that I found it actually because recently I was going over the discussion about how bad some people are with geography. It came up because i remembered this video:

If you have seen that video then you know how silly some people can get with geography, I mean even with the big countries… and I tought I was good… until i stopped by and played their geography mapping game against some people from germany. It’s hard, especially when you get small countries in Africa or Asia. But hey, its really fun and best of all educative.

If you are bad at geography take this chance and go play some, you will have fun, and you won’t feel like an idiot next time someone asks you where Zimbabwe is. Have fun!