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Interesting Facts About Our Planet

Alright, today I have decided to share some things I think are very interesting and everyone should know, in case you get into one of those game shows, like “Cash Cab” where they ask you weird stuff, that supposedly is…”common knowledge”. Anyway!

Did you know that if you ever went to the Dead Sea, you could float on top of water as easy as laying down on your bed? You can’t do this in regular waters… Well if you are in Europe or have ever been before to the Dead Sea, you probably know what I am talking about, but do you know why? The answer is simple. Since the Dead Sea is so salty, much much saltier than regular sea/ocean water, the density of the liquid is very high, which enables us to float much much easier!

Did you know that 1.74% of our water comes from Glaciers, Ice Caps and Permanent Snow? Now, everybody, this is why you all have to stop contributing to Global Warming or it is predicted that by 2050 there will be no more artic sea ice (yes sea ice is also fresh water), it will all melt and sea level will raise by about 4 meters. Hmm, people leaving in shoreline cities will have a big problem then.

Did you know that the Mauna Kea mountain in Hawaii is actually the tallest mountain on Earth, exceeding the height of the more commonly known mountain Everest by nearly a mile? So now you ask yourself, how come everybody thinks Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain? The answer is, Mt. Everest is the tallest elevation on land. The hawaiian mountains are not as tall because they are half under sea level.

Well perhaps the first fact was the most interesting one (you gotta try it someday), and you did not need to know the other two, but knowledge is always good, so enjoy!

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