Macs are Safer.

Well it has been known for a long time that Macs are safer in many, many aspects over normal computers with Windows installed in them. Same goes for laptops, MacBooks are safer than normal laptops on Windows for the same exact reasons. This includes viruses, spyware, hacking onto someones computer, etc. But have you ever tought of a MacBook being safer than a laptop in terms of it being stolen?

You don’t believe me, I know. It is perhaps silly to say that a more expensive, better laptop is least likely to get stolen than its counterparts. However, with the Orbicule Recovery Service, your MacBook becomes a thief trap, pretty much. For only $39 (US dollars) you can protect your MacBook and in case it gets stolen, Orbicule will most likely get it back. Their recovery service installs software in your computer that sends information about the thief as soon as they connect to the Internet. It will not only tell Orbicule their IP so that law enforcement can get the thiefs’ address from the ISP, but it can take pictures of the thief, and do more advanced things if law enforcement fails to help. To see how it works, read up on their recovery story, it’s really cool.

After you have read that story, things come to mind like… “Why in the world would he connect to the internet?”, well it’s obvious he did not know about this service and probably if he knew, he would not know what to do. As I do not believe thiefs are tech savvy users that know how to format a Windows computer, much less so a Mac. Reinstalling MacOs will not help get rid of any data in the computer, so a thief is just better off staying away from MacBooks. Of course, maybe if this guy wasn’t so addicted to World of Warcraft he could have lasted a little longer, tough luck!

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