Originality Works Everywhere

“What is the best idea to make money?” I stumble upon this question all the time. It’s all over webmaster forums and I assume other kinds of forums as well. People want the easiest way to make money on-line and they think by making countless threads in many different places, they will find someone who will tell them what to do in order to be rich.

Let me tell you a little something I saw two days ago. I was on the NYC subway and some homeless man came in our car. I immediately knew what he wanted, it was money. Rarely anyone would give money to a beggar on the subway. What I’ve seen at most is $1 given at any time, maybe $2 but very rarely. However, this guy was different. Instead of asking money like everyone else does, and telling people that they are going to put it to “honest” use, this guy was original. He asked people to please give him any kind of food, fruits, leftover McDonalds, or whatever else people had on them. He put a little bit of sense of humor in his speech and it worked perfectly. He got an apple, but most importantly about four people gave him money. So this guy made about $4 to $5 from just my subway car. What’s more surprising he came back 5 minutes afterwards, after he went through the other cars; with the few new people in he gave the same speech (still homeless, still hungry) was the only little twist he added, and he got some more money and a slice of pizza ($2.50). So in total this guy made about $10 in 10 minutes, awesome for a homeless man (oh he had a bag on his shoulder with what seemed to be all the food he had collected). Why was he better than the other beggars? Originality.

If you are one of these people that want to make money and go around asking, here is the answer. To make money on-line (or elsewhere), you need to come up with something original, something new, or perhaps something similar to what exists, but better (with a twist). The idea is quite simple, and if you understand the concept you will realize that no one will tell you a good idea, because they can benefit from it themselves. So you are only wasting your time asking, start thinking of what can set you apart from everyone else, and you will succeed. On-line, or elsewhere…

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