Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Today I came across an article that astonished me. The title was enough to cause the feeling. After all, ever since I was a little kid everyone kept telling me that “practice makes perfect” and today some research is going to try and prove my mentors wrong?

“The nervous system was not designed to do the same thing over and over again,” says Churchland, whose team investigated the way the brain plans and calculates motion. So basically by teaching monkeys to do the same thing over and over and noticing no improvement after 1000 tries, these researchers are trying to say that if you practice hard enough you won’t make it anyway. That you cannot improve after a certain point. I believe this is silly. Thousands of athletes that train everyday can’t be wrong. The more you do something the better you get at it. Of course after a certain point you just cannot see the improvements because they are so slight that they are imperceptible, but they are there. Try it, start programming in PHP everyday, start kicking that football daily, do your kata daily. Film yourself if you need to, you will notice the improvements, no matter how slight they may be, the improvements will be there.

After all, we are not always like monkeys. Mhmm.. research…

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