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Sony and its PlayStation 3

Well, the US release was successful, with people waiting in line for days and days to get their hands on a console. However, due to the fact that Sony is losing $307 on each PlayStation 3, it begs the question. Why is the system priced only $599?

The 20GB PlayStation 3 costs $806 to make, and sells for $499. Whereas, the 60GB version costs $840 to make and sells for only $599. By selling so much cheaper, Sony is losing a LOT of money. They expect to make it up in game sales. But the biggest problem I see with this… a week ago i posted about the crazy presale prices of the PlayStation 3, well you can already guess the price is even higher now. On ebay every 5 minutes a Playstation 3 is selling for $2000. So why didn’t Sony just make the PS3 $999 at release and then when all the hardcore, rich gamers have got theirs, start selling at reduced prices. It would have made that much more sense, or maybe then all the ebayed ones would go for $4000.

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