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This friday the Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation 3 are being released. Finally, after a long wait all gamers will have their long awaited new systems. Well, all isn’t technically accurate. Most people will probably have to go to the house of a friend of a friend to get their hands on a system.

I don’t understand what is it with companies releasing so few of them at a time, I wonder if they do this on purpose? When the Xbox 360 was released there were so few of them, that the ones put up on ebay sold for double the prize. Well, this friday the same is going to happen. Some Ebay auction presales have already reached the double for each console. The wii reaching $600 average and the PS2 $1200 average. Of course, each system actually costs something like half the price of that.

Well, whats the moral of the story…preorder and if you get your hands on one, you can ebay it and make a 100% ROI. Awesome isn’t it? Let’s just hope we don’t see empty boxes selling for $1000 on ebay this time. Good luck if you are going to make a line for a PS3!

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