Pop-ups, worth the annoyance?

Advertising is one of the most popular ways for website owners to make money online. Almost every website owner these days opts for a PPC or CPM program in an effort to make some more money from their website. In this race of making more and more money, there have been introduced many more new forms of advertising as well.

Simply put, in the online world, many more new ways of advertising are appearing everyday in an effort to give the publisher as much financial return from their website as possible and the advertiser as many views of their advetisement as possible. Among these new ways of advertising are interstitial ads, pop-under ads etc. as well. But we can trace them back to their most annoying and popular ancestor, the Pop up ads.

What is a pop up ad? Simply put, advertisement windows that pop up uninvited when an internet user is trying to open a web page. Every now and then we come across a website that serves its visitors pop up ads. Although not always the case, but this is most observed in the websites of people who have been banned/rejected from the popular PPC program Adsense. Or simply put, just want to make more from their website.

Webmasters might be successful in getting the most out of serving their websites with pop ups and some of them might also believe Pop ups are great, But is it the same case with normal Internet users? What do they think of pop ups? checked on online communities for its answers.

“I hate them” says webmaster GRIM, “especially the ones with multiple pop-ups on every page”. User Blackmane gives further insight saying “unless the website has content I really want, I hit the back button as soon as possible and usually never visit again” another web enthusiast shares vaguely the same views and comments “I wouldn’t revisit a website with popups unless there’s a strong reason”.

These are not just a few users, but a representation of what the whole online community thinks of websites that have pop-up ads, judging from the responses Map100 saw to pop-ups, its clear that people do not want to see pop-up advertisements on websites and most would not re-visit a website with pop-ups unless they had a very strong reason to do so.

For webmasters therefore, it would be advisable to not have any kind of pop up ads on their websites, they are really unwelcomed customers for Internet users, similar goes for Interstitial ads and Pop-unders, nobody wants to view pop-up ads, especially since 95% of the times they are way unrelated to the theme of the website the pop-ups are coming from. Through the mode of survey, Map100 has been able to determine that having pop up ads not only reduces the amount of traffic you have substantially, it also gives your website a bad name. (Some websites with pop ups have been even blacklisted by Search Engines)

So play it clean, play it clear, and don’t use Pop up ads for your website, they do more harm than good.

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